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Recovery programs are sets of treatments, techniques, and strategies used to help a person suffering from a drug or alcohol addiction to break both the physical and mental addiction they have to drugs or alcohol and develop strategies for sober living following their recovery. These various elements within the program are all linked and tied together by the model(s) of recovery used to provide an overall structure and philosophy for treatment.

There are more treatment options today than ever before. To learn about the different programs for addiction treatment, call Drug Rehab Centers Stamford at (203) 242-8288.

Recovery Models

There are three basic models of recovery (other than the 12 steps) that are used to design recovery programs. These are the cognitive/behavioral model, the motivational incentives model, and the motivational interviewing model.

The Cognitive/Behavioral Model

This model of recovery focuses on the thoughts, emotions, and behaviors (actions) that cause a person to develop an addiction and contribute to the substance abuse behaviors. Once these are identified, therapy helps to develop awareness of these cognitions and behaviors as well as to develop coping mechanisms for dealing with them.

The Motivational Incentives Model

The motivational incentives model of recovery uses tangible rewards and incentives to help get patients motivated to engage and participate in their treatments and recovery. Sometime, people in addiction recovery and treatment are resistant to treatment. Whether it is due to a bad day, the emotions that detox brings about, or any other reason, they may need an extra push to get involved in their treatments. These tangible rewards can help to give such addicts an easily attainable goal to work toward.

The Motivational Interviewing Model

In the motivational interviewing model, the focus is on intrinsic motivation. This means the focus is on the motivations that come from within the recovering addict and have nothing to do with external, tangible rewards such as in the motivational incentives model. Instead, the therapists in this model become a recovering addict’s ally to help them develop their own reasons for success in recovery and to guide themselves down the path toward recovery.

Available Recovery Programs

One of the most well-known forms of drug and alcohol addiction recovery is the 12-step recovery program. This program uses a series of steps that address the emotional, mental, and practical aspects of addiction recovery to provide a well-rounded model of recovery.

Many programs for recovery utilize the 12 steps when they design the sequence of treatments. This does not always mean that the program is explicitly a 12-step program, but rather that it incorporates this popular program into the framework of their program.

Other recovery methods exist. Each model of recovery uses various treatments or therapies to achieve their goals. These may include:

  • Individual/Group therapy
  • SMART recovery
  • Restorative Yoga
  • Art therapy
  • Chiropractic care

All recovery programs are not created equal. Each uses a different model or combination of models to build a program that addresses the different needs of recovering addicts to help ensure their success in treatment and continued sobriety following treatment. Drug Rehab Centers Stamford can help you find the recovery program that is right for you. Call Drug Rehab Centers Stamford at (203) 242-8288 to get started.

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