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Heroin is an illegal (or illicit) drug that falls under the category of narcotic or opiate drugs. It is derived or created from morphine, a legal narcotic drug. Morphine is made from a natural substance found in the seedpods of poppy plants. Legal narcotic drugs such as morphine are prescribed by doctors to treat moderate to severe pain.

This highly addictive opioid is hard to quit without extensive, professional treatment in a rehabilitation center. If you or a loved one are currently addicted to this or other opioid/opiate drugs, contact Drug Rehab Centers Stamford at (203) 242-8288.

Heroin Addiction Facts

Heroin comes in various form based on the purity of the product following chemical processing. Pure heroin is a bright white powder and is the least commonly found form of the drug on the streets. This is due to the fact that it is also the most expensive. Other forms include a brown or almost black powder, and the far more common solid brick form of heroin. Solid heroin has a black or brown sticky residue resembling tar.

As previously noted, this drug has many different street names that dealers and users may rather than “heroin.” Some of these alternative names may include:

  • Horse
  • Chiva
  • H
  • Smack
  • Black Tar
  • Brown Tape
  • Dope
  • Dragon

Heroin is most typically used through intravenous injection. Many heroin users are noticeable because of the track marks at injection sites as they have to continuously search for new veins to inject the drug into as repeatedly placing a needle into the same injection site can cause veins to collapse. The purer and powder forms of heroin may also be smoked or snorted.

Heroin Addiction Explained

The impact and chemical effect that it has upon the brain and central nervous system makes this drug highly addictive. When heroin enters the bloodstream, it immediately affects the reward and pleasure centers of the brain. This means that the brain immediately associates the drug with pleasurable feelings and sensations as the pleasure chemicals flood the mind and body.

Additionally, this opioid blocks pain receptors making the person feel a wave of painlessness and euphoria. The intense flood of these chemicals changes the way the brain operates and it quickly becomes unable to release pleasure chemicals without the signal from the drug. This can happen after just one or two “hits,” making it one of the most addictive substances.

Signs of Heroin Addiction

Physical signs include:

  • Track marks
  • Isolation and withdrawal from family and friends
  • Memory trouble
  • Lethargy
  • Suddenly falling asleep
  • Disorientation
  • Financial difficulties
  • Inability to focus
  • Depression
  • Trouble at work or school
  • Secretive and evasive behavior
  • Scratches on skin

Health effects include:

  • Runny nose
  • Blood infections (sepsis)
  • Slow breathing
  • Sudden death
  • Skin infections
  • Seizures
  • Endocarditis
  • Heart failure

Heroin Addiction Treatment

The first step in treatment is to go through detox. Opioid withdrawals are notorious for being extremely intense and difficult to make it through, particularly if you attempt to detox on your own at home. As such, medical detox uses prescription medications to gradually and incrementally reduce the effect of the drug in the system and makes withdrawal symptoms easier to manage.

Once the drug is out of a person’s system, they can go through other treatments. This can include individual and group therapies to figure out the reasons behind developing an addiction and to develop coping mechanisms, as well as relapse prevention, SMART recovery, equine therapy, and restorative yoga.

If you find yourself suffering from a heroin addiction, Drug Rehab Centers Stamford can help. All you need to do is call them at (203) 242-8288.

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