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Addiction aftercare is all of the treatments, techniques, strategies, and resources available to a recovering addict after they complete their initial addiction treatment. This can include group meetings, therapy sessions, and sober living in a halfway house.

Learn about all of the addiction aftercare options available to you or a loved one when you call Drug Rehab Centers Stamford at (203) 242-8288.

What are Some Addiction Aftercare Treatment Options?

Aftercare is designed to be a continuation of the treatment that began in drug rehab. While the few days or weeks you spend in a drug treatment center will get you started on your recovery, it is not enough to completely heal you and leave you prepared to face all of the challenges of the real world and temptations without support and assistance. So, aftercare is designed to continue to provide you the support and additional treatments you may need.

There are several treatments and supports available for addiction aftercare. Some of these include:

Psychotherapy (Mental Health Support)

Many people who suffer from a drug addiction or substance abuse problem also suffer from mental health disorders. And while initial treatment may begin to address the mental health disorder, continued counseling and psychotherapy will likely be needed. Mental health support helps to determine the underlying causes of the mental health disorder and how it may affect and interact with the drug addiction. Getting the mental health disorder under control and healed will help to ensure that relapse does not occur.

Family Therapy

Family therapy is another useful treatment available for aftercare. When a person develops a drug or alcohol addiction, the habits, behaviors, and physical damage they do to themselves do not just affect them, but the people closest to them as well. Family therapy helps to rebuild relationships, trust, and bonds between the recovering addict and their family members. It also builds a stronger support system for the recovering addict so that the family can intervene if they see their loved one relapsing.

Support Group Meetings

Support group meetings are among the most common and well-known aftercare treatment options available. Groups such as Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and Narcotics Anonymous (NA) as well as others provide a safe space to discuss and share both troubles and successes, as well as to seek out support and guidance when the temptation to relapse gets strong and almost unbearable. Some recovering addicts, particularly those fresh out of rehab, find that attending these meetings on a daily basis is the way that they get through the transition to sober living.

Skills Development and Job Assistance

Aftercare can also include resources to develop job-related skills as well as to help recovering addicts find opportunities for employment. Sometimes a person’s addiction causes them to lose their job or become unable unwilling to work in the field they did prior to recovery. Whatever the situation, skills develop and job assistance can help to get recovering addicts back on their feet.

Addiction aftercare can make all the difference in the world for a person in recovery. Get help today when you contact Drug Rehab Centers Stamford at (203) 242-8288.

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